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        pressure-vessels-manufacturerDidion's MechanicalDidion's Mechanical
        Phone: (419)483-2226 Email Id:dmech@didionsmech.com

        Address:- 1027B Co. Road 308, Bellevue, Ohio 44811

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        • Pressure Vessels

          Didion’s Mechanical is a pressure vessel manufacturer / fabricator of sturdy, code-compliant, and customized pressure vessels... Read more

        • High Pressure Vessels

          A high pressure vessel needs to be intrinsically safe and durable. Didion’s engineering acumen ensures that your high pressure vessels are not only code. Read more

        • Heat Exchangers

          In our field of work, we are well aware that these fabricated units are scheduled into shutdowns and new plant start ups. Many times needing fast turn around rates. Read more

        • Autoclaves

          Didion's Mechanical Engineers, Designs, and Fabricates A.S.M.E Code Certified Autoclaves.We fabricate and repair Autoclaves for all industrial... Read more

        • Cryogenic Vessels

          Didion's Mechanical engineers, designs, and fabricates A.S.M.E. Code Cryogenic Vessels.We provide in-house cold-shocking, mass-spec. Read more

        • Vacuum Chambers

          Didion's Mechanical engineers, designs, and fabricates Vacuum Chambers.We provide in-house cold-shocking, mass-spec. Read more

        • Power Piping

          Didion's Mechanical is also a fabricator of process & power pipe, which is a great asset to our manufacturing of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Read more

        • Large Diameter Machining

          To provide efficient production of our quality pressure vessels, Didion's Mechanical uses in-house machining processes with cutting, lathe, mill and drill capabilities. Read more

        • Weld Overlay

          Weld overlay or clad vessels help provide better corrosion and/or wear resistance, significantly increasing the longevity of components. Read more

        Special Services
        • Engineering

          Didion's Mechanical offers Professional Engineering Services for ASME Certified Pressure Vessels... Read More >

        • Heat Treating

          Didion's Mechanical has Heat Treating capabilities. Using computer-controlled units, we have the ability... Read More >

        • Radiography

          Didion's Mechanical offers a state-of-the-art shooting room and darkroom facility with automatic processor... Read More >

        • Rigging

          Among many other things, we have dismantled a soy bean processing plant in Budapest, Hungary and... Read More >

        Portfolio of Work
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        • autoclaves
        • ASME-certified-pressure-vessels
        • steam-seperator
        • cryogenic-vessels
        • ASME-code-cryogenic-vessels
        • autoclaves-for-industrial-applications
        • pressure-vessels-fabricator
        • pressure-vessels-fabrication-team
        • pressure-vessels-tank

        Welcome to Didion's Mechanical

        We are a leading pressure vessels fabricator with a reputable industry standing of over 35 years

        Since its 1977 inception, Didion’s Mechanical, a family owned and operated business, has charted a strong, stable growth story as an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code certified shop. Our focus on quality has helped us build a veritable reputation in the market.

        Read More

        Client Speaks

        • K.D., Detroit Stoker

          It was good to see that you have brought your sons into the business, which will provide longevity for the Didion name. Also, I would like to compliment all of your workers on the good quality workmanship…

        • J.W., CalEnergy

          The vessel has been doing very good job since in service. I greatly appreciate your hard work and good quality product.

        • C.B., DMC-CC

          Don, I hope we can do a lot of business! Your response is outstanding! Seriously, thank you.

        Read More


        1027B Co. Road 308
        Bellevue, Ohio 44811
        Fax: (419)483-4382

        Didions Separator
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